Composition Learning Community


The Composition Learning Community is an initiative spearheaded by a small group of full time Composition Program faculty to create a support system for gen ed writing students that provides a social, community-based dimension of assistance for them.

Our Mission:

Through this program, we are building a community within which students talk about, talk through, and reflect on the lived experience of Composition at Wayne State University.

Our Goal:

To support students’ enculturation and engagement in general education composition courses.

Our Objectives:

  • Cultivating collaboration
  • Emphasizing connections
  • Building culture
  • Creating solidarity
Peer Mentors and I at Learning Community Orientation, Fall 2016.

To accomplish this, we work with Peer Mentors to create this sense of collaboration, community and solidarity in three main contexts:

  1. In our Individual Classrooms
  2. In the C.L.C. as an organization
  3. In the broader university and civic communities

The Writing Showcase

The C.L.C. sponsors and puts on the Writing Showcase, an event held at the end of each semester, to provide a forum for students to publish and present their work from composition courses to an audience across the entire university and local community. The event is open to the public, and students, faculty and administrators attend to view work and talk with composition students about their writing.

The COVID-19 Pandemic had a profound affect on our Writing Showcase (as it did on almost every aspect of life!), forcing us to move our dynamic in-person event online. However, the creative thinking of our leadership team transformed our event into an engaging online zoom presentation space with digital archives. This has allowed us to keep on showcasing student learning and writing as we come together to celebrate students in the CLC.

Below are some photos from some past f2f Writing Showcases:

Students pose in front of their display at the Fall Showcase.
A student presents her class display to fellow students, instructors and administrators at the Winter Showcase.
Students, instructors and administrators peruse student displays and listen to presentations at the Winter Showcase.
A student presents his class display to instructors and administrators at the Winter Showcase.